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Every golfer is unique, and so should their swing. At Golfers DNA, we understand that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't work when mastering the game of golf. That's why our platform, under the expert guidance of Phil Allen, is designed to focus on your golf swing, explicitly tailored to your body, its bio measurements, and any potential restrictions you might have.

But why is this personalization so crucial? By understanding and adapting your swing to your body's natural tendencies, you achieve a more dynamic golf swing and ensure less strain on your body. This means fewer injuries and a game that feels as good as it looks.

So, if you want to transform your golf game, reduce the risk of injuries, and truly understand your body's mechanics, Golfers DNA is your platform. Learn how to measure, adapt, and perfect your swing in a way that's harmonious with your body's unique composition.

Phil Allen hitting a golf shot


Phil Allen is a distinguished golf coach known for his unparalleled expertise and contributions to the sport.

He has mentored numerous European Tour players and Dutch golf talents, showcasing his versatility in coaching seasoned professionals and emerging stars. Phil's extensive experience spans prestigious golf tournaments and events, including the PGA Tour and The Olympics.

He has been honored internationally, with Golf Digest naming him one of the 'World's 75 Best International Teachers'. Further accolades include recognition from the British PGA, which awarded him esteemed titles in consecutive years.

Phil Allen symbolizes excellence and dedication for those in the golf community and beyond.


The following courses are being developed and are coming soon to Golfers DNA.

Phil Allen performing a bunker shot
Bunker play made simple.

Master bunker play with Phil Allen! Learn optimal stances, club use, and ball positions. Enhance your golf game and lower your handicap now!

Phil Allen
Steps to improve your golf.

This course looks at the most common problems experienced by golfers and seeks to cure them with solid, reliable instruction and advice. 

Perfect your putting

Master the art of putting! Learn techniques to perfect puts, reduce strokes, and lower your golf score with this essential guide.